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We can help you to “wake up your business”. How? Thanks to our knowledge in web development and digital marketing services.

Feel free to stop by Simone on the 3rd floor at KPH. He will offer you a coffee and propose solutions for boosting your visibility on the web.


Web & Coffee is an Italo-Danish start-up that helps companies to “wake up their businesses” by providing digital and social media services. We combine our technical and communication skills in order to provide custom web solutions and social media services to companies that want to optimize their work process or improve their visibility on the web. We focus mainly on solving problems and fulfilling customers’ needs using web technologies. We refine digital communication channels and provide web services like web design, web development and web marketing.

Since 2016, we have been in partnership with the Italian Institution for Donations (Istituto Italiano della Donazione), in order to give Non-Profit organizations the possibility to get free web courses and services at discounted prices.

In addition to our services, we have started developing an innovative website focused on reviews of restaurant dishes that can identify the best restaurant around you.  Through this service, it will be possible to find the best place where you can taste a specific local dish, for example, the best “Carbonara” in Rome or the best “Frikadeller” in Copenhagen.

This project could have a great cultural impact on the society, since:
  • it promotes delights of local gastronomy, with particular focus on local/national dishes
  • it helps restaurants to gain visibility on the web through a meritocratic system
  • it helps customers (local or tourists) to discover local dishes of every city
  • it protects the gastronomic traditions

Our team

Simone Leomanni
Chiara Vischi

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