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TEH is a humanitarian, non-profit NGO for social inclusion of vulnerable groups. Everyone has a right to take part in their society. TEH creates projects across age, diagnoses and borders with partner organizations in other countries.

About us

TEH is a humanitarian NGO that works with creating social inclusion for people with disability or other special needs (which can put them in vulnerable life circumstances), so they can have the opportunities to be a part of their local community. TEH is built on a voluntary effort both in daily life and in the projects.

TEH was founded to prevent children in Romania from getting placed into institutions for adults, when they reach the age of 18 on the 24. November 1994. Since then we have worked and participated in supporting many projects and activities in many countries, especially Denmark, East Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

The purpose of TEH is publically beneficial through social, cultural and other work on a national and international plan to work for the inclusion of the most disadvantaged groups in their respective societies, thus they get the opportunity to achieve an active quality of life as alternative to placement in institutions.

TEH has a.o. worked with inclusion of Roma children in schools in Bulgaria, establishment of crisis centres for vulnerable children and women in Lithuania, development of alternative community-based services for people with disabilities in Romania and empowerment of youths with double diagnosis in Denmark etc.

Our members (GA – General Assembly) are the highest authority in the organization; each year GA decides who should be on the Board. The Board has the responsibility for the overall operation and selects the chairmanship, which consists of the Chairman, the vice chairman and treasurer.

TEH is independent from political, religious and economic interests.

We work from in particular with the right to training and education, work and other of UN’s Standard Rules in a context of particularly SDG’s 4, 8, 10, 17 and development of civil society.

TEH is member of a number of Danish and international associations, who we cooperate with in many different projects.

Our team

Lise From
+45 30 89 08 20
Henrik Haubro
+45 28 40 17 23
Hüseyin Koc
Office Assistant
+45 60 17 33 63
Søren Birch Jensen
AC office employee
+45 20 60 08 91
Lene Petersen
Project Coordinator for Belarus
Valerya Shvets
Project Coordinator for Kyrgyzstan


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