Testa Dox & Tales

In Testa Dox & Tales, we work with creating and developing filmprojects, that reflects on how the different systems in society work. We tend to criticize the dynamics and the structures of the systems.

About us

In Testa Dox & Tales, we make both documentary projects and fiktion-films. It is our goal to try to entertain and inform at the same time. We believe, that the filmmedia is a very strong tool to change peoples perspective on things and inspire them to develop their own thoughts. Therefore it is very important not to manipulate and be paternalistic when you tell stories. In 2017 we finished a documentary about the psychiatric system, which evolves around a personal story. Personal stories gives the viewer a change to identify with the theme or feel with the characters, with engages them and make them think and talk about the themes.
Creatively the union works with creativity as a way of living and as something that should be nurtured. Creativity can both block and propol ideas and production, so we are very carefull in using creativity in the right way.

Our team

Anahi Testa Pedersen
Founder and CEO


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