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About us

Play31 is a non-profit organisation established in 2008, who uses the unifying power of football (aka soccer) by bringing together people who have been torn apart by war. We organize community tournaments and celebratory gatherings and create an environment where people can come together and start a process of healing after war. We call it Football for reconciliation.

We are built on the 31st article of the international Convention on the Rights of the Child, which stipulates that all children have the right to play. Buy contributing to building peaceful and tolerant societies, we make sure that children can grow up in communities that will give them space to be just that: children. Children who can exercise their right to play.

To use sports to bring people together across cultural, religious and political differences, to create reconciliation and mutual understanding. By organizing village tournaments and workshops focusing on human rights and conflict resolution, we contribute to creating peaceful and tolerant societies where children have the freedom to play.

Play31 works in Sierra Leone, one of the world’s poorest countries, which was ravaged by a brutal civil war and has recently been through a devastating ebola epidemic.

Play31 was founded in 2008 in collaboration between Danish and Sierra Leo forces. During this period, Play31’s Danish founder, Jakob Silas Lund, worked as a volunteer for the local reconciliation organization Fambul Tok. Through the experience of this work, it was clear that there was a need and an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing reconciliation work by adding an essential component: football. Or the Beautiful Game, as we call it. Football has the ability to bring people together across cultural, religious and political shells, and even to unite people who fought on different sides of the civil war.

Play31 are partnering with Carlsberg, Roskilde Festival, ZIGA Solution, Hummel, Podio and Women Win.

Our team

Josephine Svensson
Program Management
Anja Schulze-Larsen
Dennis Amelung Larsen
Frederik Zo√ęga


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