Peefence is a flexible urinal which is easily set up in great quantities in outdoor settings. The urinal is made from a thin and lightweight sheet of material decorated with custom graphics that entice male guests to go for the urinal and pass water without being a nuisance to the surroundings.

About us

Let’s put an end to the stench! At Peefence, it is our vision to put people at the center of the solution to a great problem we can all relate to – pee in the streets.

By combining highly practical design with engaging aesthetics, the Peefence urinal is always present and makes it an experience rather than an inconvenience to take a
leak. The compact construction and minimal use of material even lets its users contribute to a greener Planet for all.

While the founding team continues to improve the design, manufacturing and sustainability of the product, we are also increasing our focus on export sales. The lack of proper sanition is found across multiple countries, within a wide range of segments such as music festivals, concert venues, sports events etc.

The Peefence urinal has been recognized and awarded for its innovative design a number of times – most recently by the receipt of the Danish Design Award 2018.

Our team

Kristina Jensen
Partner and CEO
Frederik Hansen
Partner and Chief Product Officer
Thomas Salling
Partner and Chief Product Officer
Jonathan Rasmussen
Partner & Co-founder
Theo Ginman
Partner, Head of Production & SCM
Lars Pio
Partner and Head of Sales

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