Nowhereland is a cultural startup and design studio. At Nowhereland we aim to create more space for playfulness! Through exhibitions and events we invite children to immerse themselves in an imaginative universe, and to play an active role in the creation of a larger creative project.

About us

NOWHERELAND was founded by Signe-Lill Bryde Valkvæ and Trine Løgstrup Sørensen on the 1th of August 2017. The motivation behind NOWHERELAND is to convey and facilitate art-experiences and creative learning activities for children. With our projects we want to appeal to children’s imagination and give them a playful introduction to the world of art. Furthermore we create visual concepts and identity based on illustrative and aesthetic ideas.

At NOWHERELAND we design, conceptualize and create a wide range of projects:

  • We´ve created NOWHERELAND FESTIVAL – an new art and design festival for children, taking place for the first time in september 2018. At NOWHERELAND FESTIVAL you can experience a large sensuous and interactive exhibition consisting of sculptural figures, as well as participate in creative workshops and hands-on activities.
  • We run the project Animationslaboratoriet were we develop and teach workshops in animation for school classes. By introducing children to creative processes, we aim to strengthen their curiosity and independence. We see these qualities as essential for children’s general education and learning processes.
  • We design and produce illustrative wall-paintings and sculptural exhibitions.

We collaborate with a large numbers of freelancers, companies and public institutions that help us realize our projects.

NOWHERELAND´s vision is to create more space for playfulness, as well as colorful and imaginative universes, in public spaces.

Our team

Signe-Lill Bryde Valkvæ
Trine Løgstrup Sørensen

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