Humanitrack is an online news, data, resource, and idea aggregator for humanity’s challenges, dreams, and ambitions. All of this is cultivated by our community of communities to measure and push progress, ease collaboration, and inspire others.

About us

“Push progress by working in parallel on humanity’s most pressing goals, challenges, and dreams..”

Humanitrack is driven by user content and maps out a selection of humanity’s biggest challenges and dreams into smaller, more manageable quests. Humanitrack gives an overview and visual progress of these quests, shares user submitted news, hosts new research, promotes collaboration and new ideas, and guides resource investment. There is so much information out there and so many people working separately on humanity’s challenges and dreams…and now there is a uniting point to bring it all together and to push progress.


…brings global communities together to collaborate and share resources
…is an organized hub of information for technology, ideas and progress  
…allows everyone to easily share information and be a part of making the world a better place
…provides an outlet for new ideas and the audience for them to grow
…pushes progress faster by identifying the problems which have the most impact and best chances for advancement
…provides a quick visual overview of humanity’s status

We want to provide a platform for elegantly organizing a selection of humanity’s problems, goals, and dreams.  From this universal hub we can bring together people, communities, experts, ideas, resources, and news, all in an effort to collaborate, monitor, and push progress faster.  We want everyone to be able to contribute in any way they can. We want you to feel like you are doing your part to make a difference in our world, see your and our progress, and most importantly have fun doing it!  So suit up hero, we have some quests to join…

Our team

Maxwell Hartman
Founder and CEO
+45 21 69 38 28
Thor Rigtrup Larsen
Chief Strategist
+45 61 42 36 87


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