HackYourFuture is a coding school that teaches computer programming to refugees, asylum seekers and people with very limited access to the labour market. Teaching our students how to code significantly boosts their chances of finding long-term employment, whilst increasing the number of talented developers on the job market – a win-win.

About us

HackYourFuture is a non-profit association teaching refugees, asylum seekers and people with very limited access to the labour market coding with a particular focus on web-development. We teach HTML/CSS, Javascript, Git, Node.js, MySQL with Expresss.js and React, but we continuously update our curriculum to stay as relevant as possible and cater to the job market’s needs. All teachers are  IT-professionals who are volunteering in their free time which allows us to stay closely in touch with the newest tech and

Our program is free and takes about 7 months to complete, the physical sessions take place on Sundays. Besides that our students get 25 hours of project-related homework every week and receive help via our Slack-channel and online community. Our goal is not only to educate people to become developers and independent problem-solvers, but also to connect them to the job market and guide them towards work via our network. Our KPI is therefore not the number of graduates, but the number of students who find meaningful employment.

We hope that our initiative can play a part in making integration easier and create sustainable and future-proof careers for our students, as we believe that newcomers are a huge opportunity for society and shouldn’t be considered as a burden.

Our team

Christopher Klüter
Managing Director
Marie Hoff
Integration Manager
Benjamin Hughes
Educational Director

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