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Through a fair, ethical and inclusive bio ecommerce, we negotiate handcrafted oils produced by small producers and artisans from several ecosystems of South America. This ensures long-term opportunity, development, well-being and income for their family businesses and communities.

About us

People & Oils from Rain Forests for a sustainable future.

We are proud to realize a fair, ethical and inclusive bio-business with a focus on social and environmental eco-sustainability. Our handcrafted oils are produced by our partners, small producers and artisans from remote regions of South America, who extract natural oils from Brazilian and South American biodiversity resources. Most are from simple communities with short resources. Thus, we buy part of their productions, fostering their family and community businesses, boosting their regional economies and promoting their products to international markets. We guarantee them opportunity, development, well-being and income in a long-term partnership. We contribute to making them competitive and more prosperous in their businesses. In this way, these communities can develop in a sustainable way, maintaining their origins. Our intention is to expand this format to a larger number of our suppliers.

Our company. Our Causes. 

We make an ethical and inclusive BioTrade. We fight for the transformation of society and the planet into something better and fair, starting with ourselves. We want Ecosystems preserved and interacting with us. They are our breadwinner. We strive for pollution-free environment. All our production has 100% carbon neutral. We work for a fairer and egalitarian society, with a better distribution of incomes and for the awareness of our consumers about the importance of ecology.

Our company. Our Commitments. 

The most important of our business are people and the environment. We are very careful about how we relate to the world. Eco-sustainability. We do our part. Care with the origin, with the means and even with our behavior are attitudes that are part of the day-to-day of our company. Our oils are 100% natural and vegetable, so we take care of your food, skin, hair and our planet. We encourage recycling of our packaging. Thus, we make the process environmentally sustainable, generating less waste. We fight for the lives of all beings on this planet. We do not perform animal tests. We respect human and environmental rights.

Our team

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Maria Soledad Figueroa Rosales
Co-Founder & Senior Executive Partner
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