Economists Without Borders

We help those, who help others

About us

Economists Without Borders is a non-profit organisation established in 2010 by Ludvig Wier and Jakob Nielsen. Our organisation consists of economists and economics students, who volunteer our time and expertise for charities and non-profits in need of economic consulting services. We make a difference for those who need it the most, and specialize in valuing social work and Social Return on Investment (SROI).

The volunteers at EWB want to use their skills to contribute to the common good. In this manner we do impact by helping organisations help others more effectively. They offer their economic expertise by providing consultancy services to humanitarian organizations as Dansk Kvindesamfunds Kriserådgivning, FødevareBanken, Fryshuset, Action Aid International, Red Barnets lektiecafeer, Comeback, Bydelsmødre, GAME, Forældrefonden, Brandkadetterne, Natteravnene, TUBA and Headspace.

Our team

Ludvig Wier
Rasmus Rifsdal
Lonnie Graversgaard Jensen
Project Manager
Thomas Rasmussen Tørsløv
Project Manager
Jacob Scheel-Bech
Project Manager

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