DareGender dares to challenge gender norms. We strive to create a more nuanced understanding of masculinity and dismantle harmful notions of what it means to be a man. Our mission is to foster a society where gender limits no one.

About us

DareGender is a non-profit organization that works to create a world where all people have equal opportunities to live out their dreams and realize their life’s potential – regardless of gender.

We wish to advance gender equality in order to prevent violence and bring about healthier ways of living. Gender is one of the primary ways through which people in society socialize. Our gender is a medium for self-actualization, but it also restricts us: We face obstacles that mean we cannot be who we are, or we behave in ways that are disrespectful to others.

In working for a better and more equal world, including the perspectives of all genders is important. Gender equality must be achieved through a joint societal and political effort with the participation of everyone. But men are oftentimes under-represented and overlooked in this discussion. That is why DareGender specifically engages men as agents of change to help address the issues that are unique to or disproportionally affect men.

A key area of focus is mental health. Many young men express feeling lonely and struggle to cope with deep and challenging emotions. Their risk of committing suicide is also three times higher than women in the same age group. As a consequence, we started the phone counseling service ManTalk where boys and young men can call in anonymously to talk about sensitive personal matters.

We base our work on facts and scientific research, and we cooperate with Nordic and international organizations. DareGender is not politically affiliated and is open to people of all political views, religious beliefs, genders and sexual orientations. If you want to join us, if you need our assistance or if you are just curious to learn more about our projects, please visit www.daregender.com.

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