DANSIC – Danish Social Innovation Club

DANSIC is Denmark’s largest platform for social innovation. It is a professional, voluntary and non-profit organization, run by ambitious students. DANSIC brings together different actors in society, to solve current societal challenges.

About us

Steffen Thybo Drostgaard and Lasse Zobel founded DANSIC on the 22nd of July 2011. The motivation behind DANSIC was to meet the needs for an ambitious and interdisciplinary platform, which explores the opportunities and challenges of social innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark.

DANSIC’s mission is to be a platform for social innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark. We want to inspire the creation of new products, services, organizational forms and business models that are targeted to solve societal challenges.

Our vision is to create a society that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. To achieve this, DANSIC wishes to create a movement in society, where all citizens are made aware of the positive changes that social innovation brings with it.

DANSIC has a unique structure. Each year, we reset with a new board of directors and new crews of volunteers. We do this to ensure a continuous high level of innovation. Thus, the goal is that our annual social innovation event remains inspiring, challenging and relevant to tomorrow’s society.

Our organization consists of around 30 volunteers pr year, whom are sectioned into different crews along with a board of directors, Our volunteers are either Danish or international, and are studying different subjects at various universities and colleges in Denmark. This is in order to secure a high level of diversity and interdisciplinary work throughout.

We also collaborates with a large number of freelancers, companies and organizations that help us realize our ambitions. We do all this in the hopes of creating a society that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

Our team

Pernille Larsen
Mille M. Andersen
Vice President
Frida Freiesleben
Vice President

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