For the love of electronic music. To throw elaborate parties, share news from the electronic music scene, and enlighten people on what’s going on in the electronic music circuit.

About us

CPH DEEP is a nonprofit Copenhagen based music- and event collective.  We host electronic music events, DJ and produce music, and manage a weekly live radioshow breaking the latest deep electronic music releases from House to Deep House and Tech House to Techno + We share news and cool stuff from the electronic music scene on www.cphdeep.com and on Facebook/cph.deep

Besides the above, our goal is to inform and enlighten people about electronic music culture, and to break down the different prejudices revolving around the scene as non constructive narratives about drugs abuse and other misconceptions.  We also put an effort in showcasing Danish musical talent and build international networks as well as exchange bookings from various managements around the world all in all because we love music.

Our team

heinrich cph deep
Heinrich Kipp Kiander
CEO & Founder

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