Our vision is to rethink the way we access information and answer questions. We are working with dialogue-based solutions and are (among other things) creating better experiences for events using chatbots.

About us

CBOT.dk was founded back at the beginning of the year 2018 with the aim of developing custom-made chatbots.

Based on the challenging way we access information, CBOT.dk committed itself to rethink this complexity through dialogue-based interactions and easier access to information – all through the technology of chatbots.

Acquiring access to information or just getting answers to a question nowadays can quickly become a major challenge. Especially for events such as conferences, fairs and festivals are information scattered everywhere in a variety of platforms – in several Facebook groups, on websites, on a handed brochure and so the list continues.

All this contributes to making our lives and experiences during events continually more difficult and irritable.

Therefore, CBOT.dk specialises in the interconnection of all this information on an easily accessible platform consisting of a “virtual person” with a highly advanced artificial intelligence “brain” that works around the clock as your own personal assistant – also called a chatbot! – Ask and you will receive an answer.

Our team

Mathias - English - Edited
Mathias Giovanni
Founder and CEO
Simon - English - Edited
Simon Lindhardsen
Founder and CEO
Anders - English - Edited
Anders Møller
Data Scientist


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