C Muligheder

More than DKK 10 billion are distributed on a yearly basis in Denmark alone. Are you aware that it is possible to be one of the recipients? 

C Muligheder consults within fundraising and business strategy. 

About us

I help small businesses and organizations to identify, develop and realize your ideas, whether you’re starting up a new business, finding funding and fundraising or developing new projects and business concepts. If you’re passionate about an idea or a cause, C Muligheder can help you achieve your goals. 

Whether your motivated by creating a food revolution, publishing an art book or provide electricity to 20 villages is not essential. What is essential to me, is that you are passionate about what you’re doing. In that case, C Muligheder can assist and support you in a way that respects your values and focuses on your needs. 

C Muligheder is experienced in helping social economic business in every step of the fundraising process. The options for fundraising are many. I can give advise on all types gof scholarships, foundations or public funds. For instance, I can assist you in the idea phase or help you sharpen your application before applying to make sure the right points are highlighted. If you plan to contact a foundation, I can assist you in the preparations. 

Behind C Muligheder is Lone Christiansen. I hold a Bachelors Degree in History and a Masters Degree in Africa Studies. I have extensive experience in working with volunteers, project management, funding and fundraising, management, development of visual strategy and project coordination.

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