Blaffernationen aims at strengthening the cohesion, community and confidence of people in Denmark through hitchhiking and random encounters and conversations between strangers. We share stories, we listen to each other, we break down prejudices while also improving the utilization of resources by filling up more cars

About us

Blaffernationen is a Danish movement of people striving towards making Denmark a nation of hitchhiking through supporting and developing projects concerning hitchhiking in Denmark. We teach and host lectures. We arrange meet-ups and create awareness campaigns. We build infrastructures and meeting points for hitchhiking across the country. All with the purpose of spreading trust and adventurous happiness, facilitating meetings between people, who otherwise wouldn’t have met, while also filling up the cars.

Blaffernationen is centred round three main values and focal points: Environment, confidence and adventurousness. By encouraging more people to hitchhike and more people to pick up the hitchhikers, we are creating a better framework for spontaneous experiences on the highways. When more people help support the culture of hitchhiking, our knowledge of each other will automatically broadens.  

In many ways Blaffernationen can be considered to be the as umbrella of different projects concerning hitchhiking. Blaffernationen is a community of positive experiences and stories people have collected from the highway. Besides our many projects, we also make podcasts and radio about socially relevant topic, and establish collaborations about mobility with different municipalities and local communities. Doing this we aim at spreading confidence, curiosity and resource awareness among the entire population.

Our team

blaffernationen carsten
Carsten Theede
Founder and Concept Developer

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