A group of people shares a community on ASOSIO. In this community they share, collaborate and visualize content and information. Any group of people can use ASOSIO; companies, departments, teams, associations, study groups and more.

About us

ASOSIO is a community oriented company, that offers an innovative online platform for all types of collaborating communities of people. ASOSIO allows communities to create their own space online, with relevant functions and features like, discussion, handbooks/wiki, project management tools, calendars and more.

Members can meet in the community online, where they can share and interact with each other. They can plan and manage work, share and make decisions and always find information by either searching, browsing or asking other members.

At ASOSIO we believe that structure, organisation and community-spirit is important for any successful collaboration, so that is what we do.

Our team

Ditlev Tøjner
Founder and CEO
+45 20 94 79 46

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