Art for the People

At Art for the People we are changing the high-end culture into public property. We make statues speak, sing songs about abstract art etc. The vision is to build a bridge between the people and the elite by creating popular communities surrounding our cultural heritage

About us

Art for the People do music, theater shows and storytelling on anything from paintings to installation art. Our purpose is to inspire people to use their own imagination when they experience art. Look at the statue! Is it sad? Is it happy? What is it up to?

Paintings and sculptures are meeting places where people across social and cultural boundaries can meet to have a talk about what they see without previous knowledge. Thus, with art we can: strengthen our imagination, develop a stronger community and create inclusive public spaces and museums. This requires that art become less academic. It must down into eye level with people in general.

Starting from UN’s Development Goals Art for the People work to:

..safeguard our cultural heritage: Art for the People want to make our cultural heritage relevant for people in general. At institutions ranging from primary schools to residential homes we tour with different shows that expose Danish art treasures through storytelling and music.

..create inclusive public spaces: Art for the People want to create inclusive public spaces around sculptures. For that purpose we have created the show Statues Talk with a machine which makes statues talk. We believe that this brings the sculptures into eye level with people in general and thereby turns the public space into a free space, where everybody can feel welcome.

..strengthen social links between urban and rural areas: Art for the People want to challenge the boundaries between people in general and the elite, between the city and the countryside. Consequently, we now co-operate with the famous Danish schlager musician Kandis Johnny (a Danish pendant to Hansi Hinterseer). We write pop songs about abstract paintings. The songs will be performed in front of the paintings at Danish art museums.

Our team

søren bestyrelse
Søren Mølstrøm
Founder, performer, musician, storyteller, concept developer

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