At our 3rd floor your journey begins. This is where your idea takes shape and gets developed.

The 3rd floor offers cheap seats for entrepreneurs with a goal in the start-up phase. We offer flexible and fixed seats depending on your need. We give you access to a big network and offer you a mentor that suits you and your buisnesprofile. You will have acsess to meeting rooms, kitchens, our commen areas and our small café that is open all weekdays. Let’s have a chat about your needs.


On the 4th floor you journey continues. This is where you move up after some time at the 3rd floor – depending on how far your company has come. The 4th floor is the place for the more established companies, organizations and unions. Most common to have 1-10 employees. Here we can offer you flexible and fixed seat as well as closed office spaces. Also the 4th floor is where our master thesis students have their office.