At KPH we are working to support social entreperneures beacuase we think that they are essential for a sustanible future. The more innovative and creative people we gather the better social solutions we can create!

With a house filled with social entrepreneurs we can turn challenges into possibilities. We can search for new possibilities in the ways of using coffee grounds, bugs, culture, creativity and the already existing structures.

Entrepreneurs need a network. They need communities and counseling where sparring and sharing of knowledge is what supports social business ideas in the startup phase.

By creating a common space for development we can combine solutions, increase our cultural and social influence and hereby contribute to the solution of FN’s 17 goals.

At KPH we want to expand to other cities and build a base for a national hub for social entrepreneurship that can represent Denmark at an international level.

As a part of the global society, Denmark experiences big changes that challenges our societies infrastructure, the labor market, trust and engagement for the state-, private- and public institutions – and not the least, for each other.

There is a need for innovative entrepreneurs to create a new value in the execution of some of the welfare society’s traditional assignments.

There is an increasingly need for someone who dare to rethink the different areas concerning  integration of cultural initiatives, social welfare problematics and city planning – and that is what we at KPH strive towards.

Maria Dilling Elken
Community Manager & Booker
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Anne Katrine Heje Larsen
Founder and CEO
Freja Bach Andersen
Student Assistant and Graphics
Simon Homgaard
Head of KPH Volume
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Nete Bo
Booker KPH Volume
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Sanne Frengler
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Conor Clancy
Head of Innovation
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Andreas Lange
Martin Speiermann
Vice President
Anne-Sophie Vinther
Board Member and Cashier
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Pelle Pedersen
Board Member
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Torben Elgaard Jensen
Board Member
Ditlev Tøjner
Board Member (Residents Representative)
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Søren Mølstrøm
Board Member (Residents Representative)

Feel free to contact us if you are a journalist with interest in topics about impact startups, social entrepreneurs, Sustainable Development Goals or SDG measurement tools – we have 10 years experience working with multiple sectors and we have been involved in more than 1000 events with different actors from this arena.

Download the report form OECD where KPH figure as Best Practice example for Social Entrepreneurship Policies in 2017.

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