10 challenges set up by Roskilde Festival, 100 engineers, 50 creative minds, 3 days with workshops and 1 final party.


YES 2013 is a competition and prototyping workshop for young people who want to help solve specific environmental and social challenges.


From all over Europe we bring together 100 engineers and the 50 nominated creative minds from KPH AWARD. The objective is to make the 150 young people work together on specific solutions on sustainability problems.

The focus of YES 2013 is challenges set up by Roskilde Festival in collaboration with Roskilde Festivals innovation department, Orange Innovation. The challenges are all taken from the reality of the festival. When 130.000 people are gathered in 10 days and over three weeks’ time build a city where everyday activities need to be covered. Every year the festival has huge problems with waste, sanitation, dealing with heat & shadow, cooling food and getting sufficient electricity. This is not unlike the challenges of a refugee camp or other big gatherings of people. So the perspectives of solving these challenges go much beyond the festival. Therefore the solutions must not only be sustainable but also be possible to implement and upscale in other places of the world.

For each challenge, associated companies, organizations and skilled people that has knowledge and interest in the solution will provide help and ideas. The solutions must be sustainable and have the potential to be used beyond the festival framework.


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