KPH has received funding for the social media TAG DEL from the VELUX FOUNDATION and the VILLUM FOUNDATION as well as the Obel Family Foundation.

TAG DEL is an independent project under KPH – Københavns Projekthus/ Copenhagen Project House – engineered and driven by the initiators Simon Holmegaard and Stefan Tolstrup Schmidt.

New and better solutions are needed for the challenges in our society!

The community is the greatest resource our society has. If we all contribute to solving the big and small challenges in our society, we will have better solutions and an even stronger community.

TAGDEL makes it easy to involve our surroundings in cooperating on developing and realizing the solutions to society’s big and small challenges.

All users can establish challenges, propose solutions and partake in events, where we carry out the solutions – together. You decide which challenges to become involved in, which events to partake in and which other users/members you wish to support.