We are hosting our annual event “Spotlight på Socialt Iværksætteri”, “Spotlight on Social Entrepreneurship,” and this year we have chosen to put the spotlight on Sharing!

KPH is a co-working space, currently and previously home to hundreds of social entrepreneurs and startups, and one of the first and largest spaces that put social entrepreneurship on the Danish agenda.

KPH provides an open platform through which all residents can share knowledge, competencies, resources, networks and experiences in order to create innovative solutions to the challenges we, as a global community, face.

We believe Sharing is a key component in the process of realizing each entrepreneur’s mission. Thus, Spotlight 2016 will illuminate upon the different facets of Sharing and will feature keynote speakers and social entrepreneurs well-versed in this topic. There will also be a panel discussion about whether a Sharing Economy has the potential to create social and sustainable value for our community and society.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to have your
business evaluated by our CSR Barometer and a
chance to network with your peers!

Opening speaker:
Ida Auken, Radikale Venstre

Featured keynote speakers:
• Poul Struve Nielsen, Hus Forbi
• Roger Spear Professor of Social Entrepreneurship & international expert on social economy

Pitching entrepreneurs:
• Hanne Hjorth Jensen, NaboSkab
• Morten Tølbøl Sørensen, UrbanWineBox
• Stian Olesen, TooGoodToGo
• Sofia Deria Non Violence

• Roger Spear
• Michael Bugaj, MePloy
• Iben Nova Rask, Opdrift – Director for the Growthzone for socio-economic business
• Thor Rigtrup Larsen, Creature
• Anders Vincent Jacobsen, former head of PR at Snappcar

• Søren Riis, GoMore

Social Corner:
• CSR Barometer
• Social X
• B Corp
 • Merkur Andelskasse

Food corner:
 • Jonathans Madcykel
 • Ditlev’s Coffee
 • Nordic Fast Food

At 20.00 you can network and enjoy a cocktail at the Pernod Ricard Bar. Come enjoy a cocktail to the tunes of DJ Schack!

We hope you will join us!

Ticket prices:
FREE admission – Register at Eventbrite!
Doors open at: 16.00 – The Social Corner will be open



Interested in more about the event? Check out last year’s promotion video below: