Office space 3rd floor:

KPHs 3rd floor is primarily for startups with 0-2 employees, temporary projects, associations and organizations in the start. 3rd floor prices are only for people under the age of 30. The prices are as follows:


Startup desk: 500, – DKK month (pr. person in max. 6 months.) – It is a requirement that you are under 30 and have no paid employees or creates revenue.

Flexible desk: 650, – DKK per month (pr. person)

Fixed desk: 950, –  DKK per month (pr. person)

Fixed desk LAB or TV: 1500 DKK per month (pr. person)

Masters thesis desk: 0,-  by managing 1 day a week in KPH Kafe or coordinating internal events (enquire for more info).


Office space 4th floor:

KPHs 4th floor is for small businesses with 1-10 employees, established associations and organizations with 1-10 employees. Rates are as follows:


Flexible desk: 1300, – DKK + VAT per. month (pr. person)

Fixed desk: 2400, – DKK + VAT per. month (pr. person)

Closed office: from 6000, – DKK + VAT per. month (currently there is a waiting list)


Meeting Facilities:

We have the following facilities available on half- and full-day basis (* / **):

Workshop space 4th floor:
A closed flex room with up to 30 people. Also suitable as a photo studio.! Rental price 1250 * / 2500 ** DKK +VAT.

Meeting rooms on the 4th floor:

Three rooms for up to 8 people.  Price 500 * / 1000 ** DKK + VAT.

One room can seat up to 14 people. Price 750 * / 1500 ** DKK +VAT

T-Rummet 3rd floor:

A large bright room with seating for up to 50 people. Please enquire from a price.


KPH Volume:

Anyone can rent KPHs event space KPH Volume. Volume has opportunities for parties, exhibitions, conferences, photo shoots and more. Prices are negotiated in cooperation with the booker, differentiating between price categories depending on the composition of the individual events.


Low rent: 18,000 DKK + VAT

Standard rent: 25,000 DKK + VAT

Commercial rent: 35,000 DKK + VAT


If you are interested in getting an desk in our office space and know more about the possibilities on the 3rd floor and 4th floor, contact Lonnie Pedersen on

Are you interested in renting T-rummet on the 3rd floor, and meeting facilities on the 4th floor please contact Maria Dilling-Jannorf on

Do you need a Master thesis Desk please contact Charlotte Weber on

If you are interested in renting Volume, contact Thandi Dyani on