Startups with purpose

In KPH we work to improve our society, and the companies, organizations and unions given a place at KPH work with social, cultural or environmental goals, respectively. KPH is independent of party political interests – however, anyone outside the KPH target group may rent space for isolated arrangements.

KPH-Projects bases the following criteria for the office spaces:

As a condition of gaining access to KPH-Projects, your company, organization or project must have a visible social, environmental or cultural value.

We expect:

  • That you contribute to the community with your experience and knowledge, thus strengthening the in-house network.
  • That you or your project group have at least one event in the auspices of KPH-Projects. This is regardless of the type of space or association you have with KPH-Projects.
  • That you actively use the social media to report about your work and daily life at KPH-Projects.


Once you are affiliated with KPH, you can make use of the KPH spaces 24/7. We have permanent and flexible office spaces at different price levels divided between two floors.

We have two workshop rooms, T-Room and a café (max. 50 people), kitchen, TV & EDIT, and both big and small meeting rooms. Some of these rooms we rent out externally as well.

Read more about prices here.

A quick tour of the 3 floor:


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