”We are both proud and happy to present our accelerator program, KPH Accelerator. We have great respect towards the people who choose to start a company, an organization or a project that contributes to society in one or several ways. We therefore wish to ensure that the program we have put together has a high level of quality and ambition. Our vision is to create a program which can contribute to creating economic sustainable entrepreneurs, no matter the business model and business format. Furthermore, we believe that diversity and interdisciplinary cooperation is necessary when it comes to thinking innovative solutions, which is why the program targets both social, cultural and environmental entrepreneurs.”

– Anne Katrine Heje Larsen, co-founder and CEO of KPH projects

April 7th, the KPH Pilot program – KPH Accelerator – Trial and Error, took off. The Accelerator program is a growth program for start-ups and projects combining teaching, tools, practical testing, ambitious contractual and individual objectives and mentorship. KPH Accelerator was established to streamline the start-up phase, which, experience shows, is the hardest phase to overcome for new, small businesses.

Throughout our work as an incubator for newly established companies/organizations, KPH has exposed a general need with the newly established companies. Many entrepreneurs have a good idea, but lack the business know-how and tools, as well as guidance, regarding how to get a financially sustainable business off the ground. KPH Trial and Error accommodates this need.

Please read more in the Danish site about our Open Call 2015 as all content and courses are in Danish.