Young artist can’t live of their art because they don’t get enough exposure. I want to rent out and expose their art. The focus will be on young artists, as many of young artists around the globe are very talented, but lacks ability to expose their work. My assumption and feeling after talking to a lot of people is that there is a market. Many people are interested in or curious about art, and wishes to have a unique or limited piece in their home. However, these people often tend experience some limitations in the process of buying art. First of all, some might be lost in the world of galleries and exhibitions, not knowing where to find the art. Secondly, when the desired art piece is located, the price tag might be so large that the possibility of owning it is second to none.

Shifting the focus from the old market, where people with money invest with large sums on art. To a new market, where young art-interested or “art-curious” people are eager to have unique pieces of art on their wall, but doesn’t have the chance because of financial issues or the lack of knowledge about where to look and who to talk to. This opens up for a whole new market (revenue stream) and a possibility to expose the art of the young artist to a new audience and in a new way.