Educat positions itself in what is known as the fourth sector. We are a cross-breed between business and NGO – driven by a social purpose. We strive to become economically self-sustaining, and it is essential to Educat to be socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible.

Educat’s purpose and goal is to provide significant positive change by providing sustainable solutions within higher education and additionally, to provide training programmes at lower educational levels. We envision educations that resemble communities; educations that will not only nurture its students, but also empower its community.

Educat’s focus is entrepreneurship and leadership as we believe economic growth and the power of business is a key factor to turn poverty into prosperity. Educat specializes in organizational and leadership development, process leadership, systemic thinking, entrepreneurship training and combining theory with praxis.

Educat sees a need for a supplement to traditional aid policy often aimed solely at the poorest segments of society. In order to create significant positive change, Educat believes focus should also be on the existing human resources within a country, and for that reason, our primary target group is young people with prior education and experience or a significant potential to create substantial positive change.

Educat will provide young, ambitious and visionary individuals with competencies that will enable them to become the change makers within their society. Cross sector- and international partnerships are fundamental to create a dynamic learning platform and secure the best possible framework to foster the entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

Educat was officially registered as an organization in February 2008 and as an International NGO in Rwanda in April 2009.