KPH wants to strengthen entrepreneurship by focusing on social, cultural and environmental values in society. At KPH we facilitate the entire process – from idea to action.

KPH is not just an office community for social, cultural and environmental entrepreneurs.

KPH is the meeting between different industries with a shared vision. A vision of a sustainable future, where people can inspire each other to think creative solutions for a society facing changes and great challenges. With respect and care for the differences of one another. And room for change and curiosity.

KPH is a space where creative entrepreneurs can develop from visionaries to business-oriented entrepreneurs. From a good idea to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. A process facilitated by KPH.

This, basically, means that KPH offers support for an easier start for start-ups. A system of shared competencies to ensure that knowledge flows freely between our members.

Click on the link to read about KPH’s core values, work and segment in PDF – Vision & DNA