Michael Visser is a web developer from New Zealand with an in-depth knowledge of the ‘back-end’ that makes up the WordPress Content Management System that many web developers here in Denmark and globally build client websites upon.

With the above skill he focus his energies on 2-3 projects in different industries, that is:

  • #1 – Commercial e-Commerce Plugins for WordPress
  • #2 – In the digital world – the development of a cloud-based management platform for mobile device fleets (think iPads, laptops, tablets) designed for private schools and university environments
  • #3 – For the real world – the design, fabrication and testing of a stable platform for aerial surveying using ‘drones’ weighing 2-5kg (a quad-copter with 4-8 propellor configurations and on-board flight computer connected to a digital camera)

His vision is to seek out unique business, cultural and environmental applications that become possible from a stable drone platform for personal use.