(Download: https://appsto.re/dk/dOf2bb.i )

The Nu mobile app gives the user the possibility to see what’s going on in their city, for the same day only. Currently, you can check for events in Copenhagen – and other cities will come.


Ultimately, the app tries to answer a simple question: “What I am going to do today, in my city?”.


The events are not based on your location – they’re based on your city. This allows for you, your friend who lives down the road, the woman who works at that little bakery on the opposite side of Copenhagen, the bus driver and everybody else to have access to the same events and potentially experience them.


The goal is simple: take Nu to other cities, different people, other platforms (sorry Android’ers, it’s coming soon – I promise) show new events and have a great time while developing and designing it.

(Download: https://appsto.re/dk/dOf2bb.i )


Contact: Pedro Madruga