Kaffe Bueno is not your typical coffee company. Our initial goal was to bring the best selection of specialty coffee beans directly to your door. However, us being from Colombia and truly passionate for coffee, we couldn’t just stop there.

After seeing a lifetime of unfairness in the coffee industry, we decided to take action from the root up. We maintain close personal relations with an exclusive network of big and small independent farmers across Colombia. This allows us to work towards a greater goal; build and maintain conscious ways of getting the coffee from its origin to the coffee-loving community.

By being the main intermediary between you and the farmers we’re able to guarantee the most exquisite selection of organic coffee beans, from Colombia and more exotic origins, that we then roast and deliver them fresh to your door. Furthermore, we collect and recycle your coffee grounds for innovative purposes, such as producing renewable energy (through biomass pellets) and coffee-based products. Pretty cool, right?

Apart from caring about the environment, we care about the people behind your coffee. We have partnered up with ALMU (Alianza Mujeres / Women Alliance) Café Colombia, an organisation founded by female coffee farmers in Colombia who had lost their husbands due to civil war atrocities. ALMU is a member of the International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA). Consequences of Kaffe Bueno and IWCA’s partnership include; improvement of working and living conditions of female farmers; plus social and economical empowerment; and investment on research and development of organic agricultural practices that will continuously improve coffee’s quality.

Our mission is to consistently improve coffee’s quality, farmers’ lives, and protect the environment that makes it all possible. This is why we have decided to focus on only organic coffees, as their production practices are 0% harmful to the environment, unlike today’s common coffee-farming. Organic production is also better for the farmers as they don’t gamble their lives using toxic chemicals. Hence, you, the coffee-lover can receive a coffee that is Bueno for You, Good for All.