To stabilize earth’s climate, the eGro model is at the core of our business. The model contains a sustainable ecosystem design, that replicates the way nature creates the best possible breeding ground for a strong biodiversity and yielding capacity. By commercially utilizing the eGro model, it is possible to transform dry and poor land into profitable food producing forests. This way, we can secure food production in the supply chain of the food industry and create a sustainable mankind with both environmental and climatic stability. We succeed by educating about Agroforestry systems and Permaculture practices while co-creating with local farmers in emerging markets.  



Jacob Vahr Svenningsen, CEO
+45 50169857
Enghavevej 80c 3. Sal
2450 Copenhagen Denmark


Freja Poulsen – HR and Communications
Diana Salkauskiene – Chief Technical Officer
Ghazal Torabi Kristensen – Project Manager
Roman Suleiman  – Finance Officer
Mignote Mesfin – Operations Officer
Andrius Motuzas – Visual Artist