We are group of programmers, all funded by non-profit grants, to work on open source data science tools.

The main project we work on is called Dat and is a P2P data sharing tool. The main is focus is to make it easy for scientists and journalists to share big datasets with each other, and the rest of world with as little friction as possible. Dat works similar to Dropbox, in that you put some files in a folder you wanna share with other people and they’ll show up on their computers. One of the main differences is though that the tool is P2P which means that any person that downloads the dataset is also helping hosting it. This allows us to host massive datasets at close to no cost. One of our early use-cases have been working with neuroscientists to version and distribute microscope data – a use case that I’m personally very interested in.

The team currently consists of 8 people based in Europe, The U. S. and Asia. My main focus on the team is working on the P2P aspects of it. I’ve been spending most of the last 2-3 years writing open source software and travelling to conferences and universities around the world to give talks about P2P technology and how it is changing the world, both politically and technically.